NAAMA 2013

Each year in New Zealand there is a gathering called NAAMA(National Association of Ancient and Medieval Arts). The event tales place over labour weekend, which in NZ is on the 4th Monday October. The event itself moves round the country and is hosted by one of the clubs here. This year it is being hosted by Auckland Sword and Shield and will take place just outside Auckland. As this is nice and close the Wereceworde crew are planning obeying in attendance. While Its not officially a living history camp we, along with a number of others, will have the living history setup.

Leather Box

In this project I am making a leather box for a friend of mine.

The box design I decided to use has an joined lid so was to be made out of a single piece of leather. The final dimensions were to be 8″x5″x2″. The pattern for it looks like this

I cut the basic shape out but left the corners in for the places that would be stitched together, the grey areas on the pattern. These I cut with V gouge instead of a knife so that i had a mitred edge to work with.

I also used the V gouge to cut the hinged lines so the box would fold. I decided to leave the final cutting of the lid until after i had made the bottom of the box so i could adjust if needed.

Once I had the piece ready to be sown I cut stitching groves and marked where the stitches should go.

For he actual sowing I used 2 curved needles and waxed linen thread. I pierced the leather with a straight awl, but did this on an angle so that it came though the leather on the mitred edge instead of the back of the leather.

This meant that once i had sown the piece up there would be no stitches visible on the inside.

After i had completed the bottom of the box I then cut the pieces for the top. These were cut, pierced and sown in the same manor as the base.

After the box was complete I decided that the sides of the lid needed attention as they weren’t sitting as I liked.

These will be reshaped to a curve.

The box is going to be used to hold so modern medical gear so needs to be securely closed. I have two options for this. One is to add a buckle the other is to add ties by punching 2 holes though the front of both the bottom bit of the box and the lid and passing some cord though. I need to check to see what the person I am making it for would prefer.


The final touch will be decoration. I am thinking of carving the top with the Rod of Asciepius.

This is the symbol of the greek god associated with medicine and is of a single snake coiled round a rod.

Camp Oven

As Wereceworde LH has a regular camp at Kaipara Flats Sports Ground we are looking at building some more permanent facilities on the site.
The first thing we want to build is a permanent cooking area. Initially we were thinking of building a bread oven. We have now started thinking about making it a full cook range with an oven at one end.

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Camp bench

As part of our living history setup Wendy and I decided we needed better seating as often we would end up dragging logs from the wood pile or sitting in the floor. As with all things camp related it needs to fit into the camp setting nicely, be easy to transport and store and ideally shouldn’t cost the earth.

We opted for two different types of seat, one bench and a pair of seats.

The seatsare a very simple design consisting of a a pair of upright panels, that form a cross when viewed from the top, with a lid. These have then been painted to help protect them from the elements and to allow us to work out which bits belong together when putting the together.


The bench is also a simple design. It consists of two legs that slot into the bench top. To give it extra support a bar runs under the bench top and though a slot in each leg and is these cured with a wedge. The bench will be vanished to protect it camp.

Pics to follow.

Wereceworde LHG goes digital

OK so we have been online for a while using Facebook but we finally have our own home on the web.

We intend to have news, research, events and projects information up here.

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